Green Ribbon School team launched with Schuylerville Schools

Grant awarded for pilot project

We are delighted to announce a new initiative that will further our mission and encourage environmental sustainability and outdoor recreation at our nearest public school neighbor, the Schuylerville School District.

The Community/Land Preservation and Planning Fund at The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region has awarded Hudson Crossing Park $5,000 to support the first year of this purposeful collaboration between the Park and the school community. Working together with students, teachers, staff, administrators and parents, the project will include the formation of project-specific committees that will help move forward the ideas of a "green ribbon school"- an eco-campus, outdoor learning, environmental literacy, and health and fitness (

After many years of informal partnering, this new collaboration will include mutually-identified goals and an infrastructure of volunteers to make "green" things happen.

Schuylerville Elementary hosted a students' Recycled Art Exhibit. The students' work was based on the work of David Edgar:
The Green Ribbon School project focuses on four cornerstones:
Health and Fitness,
Nature Adventure (spending time outside),
Eco-Campus (reducing consumption and waste, increasing efficiency), and
Natural Classrooms (harnessing the power of nature as a learning tool).

The goals of the initiative are:
+ to promote environmental literacy in teachers and students
+ "green" the campus and its operations
+ encourage outdoor learning and exploration
+ promote health and fitness in the school community

Specific projects already underway include:
+ a High-5k Challenge
+ a Butterfly Garden
+ an outdoor classroom space
+ a re-invigorated school-wide recycling program

For more information, contact: or
See below, some of the works of art that were made from these recycled materials.
All of these questions relate to Schuylerville's district-wide Green Ribbon School Project. To learn more or to get involved; students, parents, teachers, and community members of all ages are invited.
For more information contact
Find us on Facebook: Schuylerville Green Ribbon School Project
- Have you counted turtles at the school?
- Do you enjoy being outside?
- Are you fan of being fit?
- Is there a garden in your yard?
- Would you rather read about a butterfly or examine one up close?
- Where do you put your newspaper when you are done with it?

Green Ribbon School Project Highlights
Green Ribbon School Project Team Leader Deborah McGloine
assists students planting tulips.
Schuylerville District Leads the Way, Outdoors and In
The Green Ribbon School Project at Schuylerville is growing...literally! Last week fourth graders spent time outdoors planting a "Tulip Test Garden" as citizen scientist participants in Journey North, an online nationwide student research program. Supporting "Natural Classrooms" and using nature as a learning tool is a cornerstone of the Green Ribbon School initiative. Another cornerstone is creating an "Environmentally-friendly Campus", and to that end, the school was certified this fall by the Environmental Protection Agency as a 2012 "Energy Star". Recent construction and facility upgrades have improved efficiency and made this award possible. To learn more, visit the school's web page. To follow the progress of the Schuylerville Green Ribbon School project, check them out on Facebook or email Hudson Crossing is proud to support the school district's efforts to educate students and families about the importance of caring for our natural environment and resources.

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The Green Ribbon School project is now in its 6th year and is well established as a part of the Schuylerville School Districts commitment to the cornerstones of a Green Ribbon School.

Please contact us if you would like more information about how to transform your school into a "Green Ribbon School". It is our mission to help spread successful partnerships like this one to other schools and communities.
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Schuylerville Elementary School became a
National Green Ribbon School
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