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Dear Hudson Crossing Park Supporter:

Thank you for the opportunity to share our community gem with you!

The pannels, on this page, show information on the different options under consideration for the park as we develop our "2020 vision" and move toward becoming a self-sustaining community asset. Our ultimate vision for the future includes creating a small team of paid staff members to complement our current contingency of committed volunteers. In addition, we're seeking to purchase or construct a facility that can be used for local events, educational experiences and administrative activities.

Fulfilling our vision will allow Hudson Crossing Park to not only maintain our current site, but also to:

o Increase the number of events held at the park (both internal and external);

o Significantly expand our capacity to research and grow programs and partnerships;

o Produce substantial economic impact for the local region;

o Fulfill the park's mission through year-round offerings for area families.

Thank you for this opportunity to share with you what a great place Hudson Crossing Park is now and what it could become with your support and the continued cooperation of community leaders and businesses.
The Board of Directors
and Volunteers who have built the park
Please TAP the images to see a larger version. ALSO: We'd love to hear your ideas about the park and its growth. Tap Contact Us to let us know what you are thinking. Finally, a every donation we receive supports our effort to grow this regional destination. Please help us grow with your tax deductible donation.
Hudson Crossing Park is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. It is non-sectarian and does not discriminate against persons of any race, color, sexual orientation,
gender, religion, national or ethnic origin, or those with disabilities, respecting the dignity and worth of all individuals.