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Great Blue Heron
Black-capped Chickadee
Pileated Woodpecker
Pember Museum of Natural History
Baltimore Oriole
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Come to Hudson Crossing Park for a variety of bird sightings and events
Later in the Fall, Marlene Bissell showed us how to get ready for our feathered friends in winter. We found out what our winged neighbors love to eat and how to make simple treats for them in our own kitchens.
Visitors enjoy an October walk looking for local and migrating birds, listening for calls and songs.
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"Get Outside" Project
While at the park -
visit the Riverbank Birding Overlook

The cleared area includes a bench, naturalizing plants and a wonderful view of the river. This "secret garden" was created in honor of Myrtle Berkowitz. The Birding Overlook is north of the Dix Bridge and offers a peaceful spot to watch for wildlife and admire the rolling river.
Special thanks to all who have donated their time and plants to create this place, including the members of the Living Waters Church of God outreach group, Fish Creek Garden Center, Jody, Julie, Alan, Marlene, Darryl, Cindy, and Louise. Additional thanks to all who made donations to the Park in Mrs. Berkowitz's name. We hope that you will visit and feel her love of nature as you rest on the lovely bench overlooking the water.
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Can you identify these birds by their song? How about by the way they feel?
Thanks to local Artist and Blacksmith, Leif Johnson, our sensory trail will have life sized hand crafted sculptures of these birds that you can touch. Soon we will have a page to display his work. Click any bird to learn more about it and hear it's song.
To produce the right size and feel for his bird sculptures, Leif used resources shared by the Pember Museum of Natural History in Granville, NY.
But... Can you find them in the park?
Click the sheet above and print it. When you find one of the birds, scan the QR code to learn about it and hear the song it makes. Maybe a live one near by will answer the sounds?
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Mona Bearor, a member of Southern Adirondack Audubon Society (SAAS), has complied a site that lists over 100 birds that have been seen while enjoying Hudson Crossing Park (HCP). The list will be updated regularly.