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November News from Hudson Crossing
Issue: # 11
  November 2010
bike rack installation at Lock 5
Board Member George Hodgson, new Volunteer and Gate Fabricator Leif Johnson, and  longtime Volunteer Troy White play around as they install a new bike rack paid for by the CDTA/CDTC Bike Rack Program.

What Hudson Crossing is all about...
Working together to draw visitors to an outdoor place that is beautiful, educational, inspiring, and full of fun while encouraging sustainable choices..such as traveling by bike!

Two Timely Ways To Help Hudson Crossing Park Continue to Thrive and Grow
ONE: Purchase Vacation Condo Raffle Tickets TODAY

sea crest resort
Sea Crest Surf and Racquet Club, Hilton Head, SC

Help us defray a portion of our operating costs by planning your vacation get-away now...or plan one for your parents, grandparents, inlaws, college friends, golf buddies, etc. We are once again offering a limited number of raffle tickets to win a weeklong stay on Hilton Head Island in January. 

The drawing will be held at our Board of Directors meeting on December 8, and although we love having guests at our meetings, you do not need to be present to win.

For more details and to purchase tickets, please contact a Board Member, visit our website
, or stop by one of these Schuylerville establishments: Byron's Market, Glens Falls National Bank, Curtis Lumber, and the Schuylerville Public Library.

TWO: Respond to First Ever Annual Appeal!

2010 HCP Year in Pictures
Download a larger (pdf) version of this 2010 Year-at-a-Glance here. 

We had so much fun in 2010 with so many additions to the Park and the best array of programming to date. Help us make 2011 another wonderful year by donating to the Park either through Paypal on our website or by responding to the mailing we will send later this month.

(In keeping with our mission, we will be using recycled paper and envelopes for our mailing, and will consider going all-electronic in the future based on rates of response...help us decide by donating online now!)

350 Day on 10-10-10
Fashion Show, Bulbs Planted, Video Previewed

Eco-Jeanious Fashion Show on 10-10-10

On Sunday, October 10th, Hudson Crossing Park was one of 7,347 sites in 188 countries that hosted a gathering of people to get to work on the climate crisis.

Just a sampling from the day:

Board Member Valerie Munson-Drohobycky organized a stunning children's fashion show that highlighted the "re-use" strategy for clothing and accessory choices.

Garden Tender Martha Haynes organized a massive bulb-planting effort, getting hundreds of bulbs planted in various places throughout the Park.

And for the finale, attendees were treated to the premier screening of a Hudson Crossing music video composed, produced, and donated by RiverJack Zucchini. Missed it? Watch it by scrolling down on our website home page. He has briliantly harnessed the power of music and imagery to capture the passion of the Park and its many caring friends. Thanks RiverJack!

We were delighted to have more than 200 visitors for this event, including many who were discovering the Park for the first time...from the compliments they shared, we know they'll be back!

A Day in the Life of the Hudson
Snapshot Day Engages Students in Hands-On Science

Snapshot Day on the Hudson River 2010

On October 14, thanks to educators Nancy Robertson and Doug Reed,  a group of local students, teachers, and parents were part of a day of river observation that stretched all the way to New York City. Participants practiced various environmental assessment techniques, including observing the physical river, testing river chemistry, and taking core samples. To learn more about this annual event and the results from this year, visit the statewide event website hosted by the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. Thanks to all who made this important day happen!

Beware the Loss of Little Brown Bats
Special Presentation Educates About Invaluable Bug-Eaters

Bat Presentation by Mary Frances Farrell

Fact: More than 90% of the New York State population of Little Brown Bats may have been lost in the last four years due to the mysterious White-Nose Syndrome.

At Bats & Bugs & Boos on October 23rd, Bat Rehabilitator Mary Frances Farrell from North Country Wild Care shared this and many other important facts about these creatures that soar through our evening skies and consume thousands of insect pests. Her message: while scientists struggle to develop a plan to save these animals from imminent extinction, the rest of us must commit to doing our part to understand the importance of these animals and dispel common myths about their "creepy" habits (no, they do not try to land in your hair!).

To shake off the bat blues, event attendees then grabbed pumpkins donated by Schuyler Farms and carved enthusisatically...how's this for a scary face?!

Jack and Jack O'Lantern
Jack and his Jack O'Lantern

So you are almost at the end of this newsletter and you're still not sure if you should click that Paypal link. How about:

Because you love jogging on forest trails...because your kids love to slide down the hill...because you love the power and the peace of walking the labyrinth...because you love to exercise your dog under the cover of the trees...because your art is inspired by the Hudson River...because you love history and believe in caring for places that shaped our country...because you are proud to be a part of a community that makes natural beauty accessible to everyone...because you want this special place to be here for you, for your kids, for your grandkids, for all who will come after. A place to play, dream, walk, row, bike, run, float, fish, plant, grow...please consider making a donation now.

All donations are tax-deductible, and provide critical operating support for the development and programming of the Park.

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Dates to Remember: 

November/December Board of Directors Meeting
Wed., Dec. 8
3:30 pm- 5 pm
*** Held at Town of Saratoga Offices, 12 Spring Street in Schuylerville***

Guests are ALWAYS welcome- join us!

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