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Greetings from Hudson Crossing Park 
Issue: # 3
March 2010
4 kids playing in rain
March Showers??

Here at the Park we seem to have a jump on the April rains this year, so perhaps the photo above will get you thinking about all of the fun that comes with mud and puddles. These industrious little ones had a grand time at Hudson Crossing last year, despite the weather. With crocuses just starting to poke up through the leftover snow, it's time to dust off those rainboots and start preparing for the excitement that is spring!

Happy melting snow days!

All Hands On Deck for Canal Clean Sweep 
Spring volunteer event

Hudson Crossing's 5th Annual Canal Clean Sweep is scheduled for Saturday, April 17. Come help clean up the debris of winter and get the Park ready for the fun of warmer days. This event reflects Hudson Crossing's commitment to honoring Earth Day, and is part of a statewide effort coordinated by the NYS Canal Corporation, Parks & Trails New York, the Environmental Facilities Corporation and the NYS Consumer Protection Board.

Last year Hudson Crossing was one of more than 80 groups throughout the Canal Corridor, including municipalities, not-for-profit organizations, civic groups, and businesses, that engaged in clean up and beautification activities. Visit www.hudsoncrossingpark.org or Parks & Trails New York, or call 518-859-1462 for more information about this year's event.

A Little Bit of Work, A Lot of Thyme
Volunteer Efforts Make A Difference
Not too long after Canal Clean Sweep, Hudson Crossing will host another annual volunteer event in celebration of National Trails Day. The 7th Annual Canalway Trails Day is scheduled for Saturday, June 5 and will be an opportunity to continue efforts to beautify the Park and its trails and to add to the Play Garden. To see what a difference a day like this can make, check out the photos below that show the changes to the labyrinth that were a result of the volunteers who planted hundreds of seeds last year...
Before Thyme
labyrinth before thyme planting

After time...Thyme!
labyrinth with thyme
Triathalon Going Green
True to Mission, Hudson Crossing Triathalon Aims to Tred Lightly
Thanks to the impressive ambition and commitment of Chris Bowcutt, new Hudson Crossing Board Member and Organizer of the Inaugural Hudson Crossing Triathalon, this new event promises to be yet another way the Park can provide an economic boost to the area while modeling sustainable practices. Working with the guidelines offered by Athletes for A Fit Planet ( www.afitplanet.com ), Mr. Bowcutt and fellow race organizers are hoping to offer a new and better way for competitors to enjoy their sport while considering the impact it has on the environment. To be a part of this unique and important effort, please contact Chris at www.bluepoint0.com. As of this writing, the Hudson Crossing Triathalon will be just one of two "green" New York State events listed on A Fit Planet- let's lead the way!

Start Folding Your Boat!
Cardboard Boat Hopefuls Begin Preparations

Remember last August when you promised yourself (and/or your kids!) that you would be in the Cardboard Boat Race, not just a spectator this year? And you bragged to your friends that of course you could build a boat that would lead the competition? Well, it's time to get going! Start your web search, check out those library books, fold those scale models, and bring that champion boat to life...by the time the weather warms up enough for a swim, you just might have something that is seaworthy. (And of course, don't forget to mark your calendars- this year's race will be on August 14, rain date August 15.)

Cardboard Boat team in 2009 

Not Spring Yet...
For those of you who believe winter still has a few punches left, here's an icy image to inspire one more chilly adventure. If March brings just a handful more days of below-freezing weather, we could have one last smooth skate on the canal. With lingering thoughts of the incredible Olympic athletes that awed us from Vancouver, go out to the Park for one last glide!

ice skating on canal

Hudson Crossing Park is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. It is non-sectarian and does not discriminate against persons of any race, color, sexual orientation, gender, religion, national or ethnic origin, or those with disabilities, respecting the dignity and worth of all individuals.

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