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Electronics Recycling Day- Fees Dropped for Most Items !    
Breaking News    April 2011

Breaking News from Hudson Crossing Park:


Thanks to a recent law that took effect on April 1st, an upcoming Electronics Recycling Day at Hudson Crossing Park will now be primarily FREE.


The April 22nd  Earth Day event has been planned for many months; however, with the help of N.Y.S.  Department of Environmental Conservation and the cooperation of Electronics Recycling and Scrapping Inc. (E.R.S.I.),  Hudson Crossing Park will now offer one of the first free recycling events in the region. 


The Hudson Crossing Park event will be held on April 22nd from 2:00 - 7:00 at Champlain Canal Lock 5 Island just  north of Schuylerville.  A complete list of items that will be accepted may be found at www.hudsoncrossingpark.org 


Items that are in compliance with the new law will be collected for FREE.  This includes televisions up to 40", computers, monitors, stereos, DVD/VCR/CD players, and more. Items that are not in compliance with the new law will be collected for a small fee of $0.35/lb.  An optional service to clear hard drives will be available for a fee of $7.00.


Hope you and you old electronics will join us!


(If you insist on paying anyway, donations to the Park will be happily accepted on site!) 

2011 Dates to Remember:
(at Hudson Crossing Park, unless otherwise noted)  

Earth Week
April 15-23
A week of activities sponsored in partnership with the Saratoga National Historical Park, including:


Recycled Art Show- April 15-17

  ***at Saratoga Battlefield Visitor Center***

Canal Clean Sweep-
April 17, 9am-3pm

Armchair Tour of the
Champlain Canalway Trail-
April 20, 7pm-8pm
***at Saratoga Battlefield Visitor Center***

Electronics Recycling Day
at the Play Garden-
April 22, 2pm-7pm

April 23  
***at Saratoga Battlefield Visitor Center***

New York Heritage Weekend-
May 14-15
National Trails Day-
June 5
2nd Annual Hudson Crossing Triathlon-
June 12  

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Cardboard Boat Race- August 13

For the most updated information about all upcoming events, please visit the website at www.hudsoncrossing.org. 

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