Master Plan P2.
Look at this map and you will notice that Hudson Crossing Park will continue to grow.
And there's a lot more to do!
Why not join us!
If you take the virtual tour of the park, you will see that a lot of what was planned for the park has come to exhist in various stages of completion thanks to the dedicated group of volunteers who nurture the growth f the Park..

Ongoing improvements and enhancements will be made to the features that you now enjoy and new projects will be started that include but by no means are limited to the following projects.
Island Trails and Overlooks

The Island Trails and Overlooks are in the construction phase, with some areas completed and available for use.

Foot trails are open dawn until dusk year round. Trails are not yet handicap accessible-we are working on it!
Washington County Trails

When the Dix Bridge is restored to pedestrian, bike and snow-mobile traffic, it will link trail segments of both counties. Therefore, the Washington County Trails section of the park is still in the pre-construction phase. Proposed are safer trails for bike and hikers that will elininate the need to utilize the long and narrow Northumberland bridge.

Mac Boston

Mac Boston is a retired hook and ladder that was purchased by a local group of firefighters as a tribute to fellow fire fighters who died in the line of duty.

The Park plans include a place for a Public Firefighter Memorial.
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