Picnic Pavilion
"Sunday Afternoon in the Park"

Is a series hosted by Hudson Crossing Park where you can present a program on your favorite topic that relates to the area. Our goal is to provide a variety of quality programs to further our Mission and encourage community members to enjoy the Park.

The following information should help you build a successful program. Please do not hesitate to call if you have questions. We look forward to working with you.

Hudson Crossing Park will:
* Provide a press release and a mini-poster for Sunday Afternoon programs.
* Distribute your press release and attach your poster to our monthly newsletter
* Promote the series on our web site at www.hudsoncrossingpark.org
* Provide you with an electronic (pdf) copy of your poster. We encourage you to e-mail this to your contact lists and to print copies for distribution.

Important: Any additional promotional materials you may wish to create for the program must be pre-approved prior to distribution.

You may choose to conduct your program at Stark's Knob Scientific Reservation, Knox Trail Pocket Park, or on the Champlain Canal Lock 5 Island. If you choose the Island, you may select a site at Eagle Point, on or near the floating dock, along the Trails, or in the Picnic Pavilion at the Play Garden.
The Picnic Pavilion was designed to offer shelter yet be open to the surrounding spaces. It's ideal for relaxing at one of the picnic tables or as a venue for a group activity.
Here are some pictures of various uses of the pavilion.

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