Kayak Launch
River Walk Sensory Trail
Champlain Canal Lock #5
Birding Overlook
Historic Junction Lock
Historic Lock 10 Site
Historic Lock 10 Site
Stark's Knob
Knox Trail Pocket Park
Eagle Point Trail
Picnic Pavilion
Play Garden
Dix Bridge
Proposed Site for Ed. Ctr.
Bridge of Boats
Champlain Canalway Trail
Eagle Point
Eagle Point
The Park is located in upstate New York, about 30 miles north of Albany and 12 miles east of Saratoga Springs. Use of the park is free but tax-deductable donations are appreciated. See our reservations page for common donation amounts.

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Individuals and organizations are invited to consider this new venue for holding an event. Family gatherings and community - centered programs that align with our mission are welcome.

Contact us if you have questions or observations about the Park.
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Click on this set of signs to view their slide show.
You will find them placed around the Play Garden and Trails throughout the Park.
The presentation is timed so you can read each of them.
The signs were made by Shannon-Rose Design, illustrated by Don Cook, and funded by the Hudson River Improvement Fund of the Hudson River Foundation
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Why is it called Hudson "Crossing" Park?
You can see the remnants of these crossings but not so visible are the crossings that were made by travelers over hundreds, even thousands of years ago. To learn about these crossings click this picture:
Art in the Park

We have been building an Art Trail stands out, thanks to regional Artists. While the art along the trails stands out, in the Play Garden and along the Riverwalk Sensory Trail there is a lot of art that presents itself in a more subtle way.

Click the here or pictures (above) to go to our Art page.
1 - Picnic Pavilion
2 - Play Garden
3 - Dock
4 - Eagle Point Trail
5 - Eagle Point
6 - Historic Lock 10 Site
7 - Stark's Knob
8 - Knox Trail Pocket Park
9 - Historic Junction Lock
10 - Champlain Canalway Tra
11 - Champlain Canal Lock #5
12 - Kayak launch
13 - River Walk Sensory Trail
14 - Dix Bridge
15 - Proposed site for Ed. Ctr.
16 - Birding Overlook
17 - Bridge of Boats
18 - Saratoga Falls Park
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