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Play Garden
The Play Garden is designed for the young and old alike. Children love the living tunnel portals of the labyrinth while older folks appreciate the simple elegance of their design.

Beauty in the Play Garden stems from the flowers and discoveries that await explorers.

This is made possible by helping hands of all ages.
Walking a Labyrinth

1) Pause and wait at the entrance, become quiet, clear your mind of extraneous thoughts.
2) Choose an intention for walking: inspiration, stress release, inner peace,etc.
3) Invite higher powers to accompany you on your walk, only if this feels right to you.
4) Walk at your own pace. It is OK to pass others.
5) Be attentive to your body, your thoughts, your feelings. A song, a picture or a message might come to you while walking.
6) Stay in the center for a while you wish,then exit on the same path you used to enter.
7) When leaving the labyrinth, express your gratitude and acknowledge to yourself any gifts
you may have received during your walk.
8) Reflect on your experience. You may wish to take notes, write poetry, or draw
The beauty and inspiration of this Play Garden is the result of a dedicated group of volunteers.
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Hudson Crossing Park would not look as good as it does without our hard working volunteers and the garden related donations we receive to beautify the Park.
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