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There are many ways to help Hudson Crossing Park maintain its high standards for visitor experiences.

Certainly a monetary donation is greatly appreciated but you may also donate Tools, Time, or Talent.

Time: as a volunteer around the Park and in supporting our programs. It may be as simple as helping with publicity or planting bulbs to clearing trails for upcoming events.

Talent: Hudson Crossing Park has grown from a local landmark into a regional destination. Events now draw from an area encompassing nine counties. Not to mention international visitors via the Champlain Canal. To meet the challenges that accompany growth, the board of directors needs to draw from a wider range of skill sets to be able to expand funding and develop an administrative model that is flexible enough to match this demand.

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Hudson Crossing Wish List

It's time for us to re-think our wish list and we will post the 2018 version here when it is completed.

If you have an idea to improve the park or an item you'd like to donate please use the
"CONTACT US" button to share your thoughts.

We appreciate your continued support.

So much of the success of Hudson Crossing Park may be attributed to years of diligent work put forth by dedicated volunteers and to the elected officials and employees of our local municipalities who have consistently demonstrated their support.

We invite individuals and corporations to consider funding opportunities and sponsorships for park projects and events. Interested parties may contact us via our Contact Us button. Your information will then be reviewed by the Board of Directors.

Thank you for considering our wish list and we encourage you to enjoy the Park in every season.