Where is Hudson Crossing Park?

The Park is centered around Champlain Canal Lock 5 Island, just north of Schuylerville, on New York State’s Historic Scenic Byway, Route 4.

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When is the Park open? 

The Park is open from dawn to dusk everyday year-round (even if the gate is closed). Hudson Crossing Park is a carry-in, carry-out facility, so please remember to bring any trash home with you and don't forget to recycle! There is no potable water on site, so we ask that visitors bring their own filled reusable water bottles with them. 

Is the Park dog friendly?

YES! We love our canine visitors as much as our human visitors! For the happiness and safety of fellow visitors and wildlife we do require dogs to be leashed and under their owner’s control at all times. Please respect those you meet on the trails and be sure to pick up any waste left by your pet. Dog waste stations are located by the parking lot garden shed, Dix Bridge Sensory Trail entrance, and Canal Overlook.

What amenities are available in the Park? 

Hudson Crossing Park is home to over two miles of trails plus the HCP Play Garden, Picnic Pavilion, and Floating Dock. These amenities are available at no charge, although donations to help keep our facilities and grounds open and available to all are always appreciated.
Do visitors need to contact someone to use the facilities? 

All are welcome to use the park on a first come, first serve basis. If you are interested in using the park for an event (i.e. wedding, Birthdays, reunions, etc.), we recommend that you reserve the desired facilities through our “RESERVE” page. Before you schedule an event please check our calendar to for availability. As hard as Hudson Crossing Park staff and volunteers try to keep the calendar current and updated, please note that all events and reservations may not be listed. 

Is the bathroom operable? 

The pavilion bathroom is generally kept locked unless there is an event taking place due to vandalism concerns. There is a Port-a-Potty is located near the head of the Sensory Trail entrance by the parking lot which is open for use at all times. 

Is electricity available at the Pavilion?

YES. A standard grounded outlet is available for events but is turned off when not needed.

Is the Picnic Pavilion available for general use?

ABSOLUTELY! The pavilion is available on a first come, first serve basis for our visitors and will seat 50+ people. Several handicap accessible tables are available. In order to reserve the pavilion for a private event you must fill out a request form