The Amazing Mesonet - NYS Weather Station


Hudson Crossing Park is home to a state-of-the-art New York State Mesonet weather station that is overseen by meteorologists from SUNY Albany…and your students can reap the benefits! Students will learn about the various instruments housed within the station, and why that information is important for the whole state! Return to your classroom with a 30 day data collection project. After the 30 days of data is collected, HCP Educators will visit your classroom and review the data and what students learned.


2 hours total / $6 per child


Leaves of Change Seasonal Tree Study


It’s amazing how much can happen in a year! Visit HCP four times throughout the school year for this hands-on tree study. Students will learn to identify several important trees within the park and choose trees to observe and track changes throughout the seasons in their personal “Leaves of Change” journal. Each visit is one hour and includes a guided walk in different areas of the park, as well as a tree-based craft project (bark rubbings, leaf crafts, etc) to be included in their journal

Four occasions in October, January, April, and June

4 hours total / $12 per child