ABPP Grant P18AP00520 

Saratoga Siege Battlefield Resource Inventory 

 Hudson Crossing Park is seeking Proposals from a consulting firm or practice with demonstrated expertise in the preparation of historic preservation and inventory reports as applied to Revolutionary War era battlefield sites. This project will fund the inventory of the Saratoga (Siege) Battlefield contained within the Towns of Northumberland, Saratoga, and Easton, NY with a concentration on the military terrain. The focus of the historical study will be to identify resources associated with the battle in private ownership with the intent of working toward gaining public consensus for the development of a protection plan, including public access to resources that are presently unavailable to the public. A Battlefield Resource Inventory of the Saratoga Siege Battlefield, Northeast Section, has recently been completed by the Town of Greenwich (GA-2255-15-023), and should provide significant information to assist in the completion of this report. 

This project seeks to identify, map, analyze, and prepare a planning, preservation, and development management plan for the site. KOCOA skills are needed. The project will be developed and deliverables produced during the period January 1, 2019 through February 28, 2020.