Hudson Crossing Park is a unique recreational and educational destination. A place to experience, educate, and explore, It is open every day year-round from dawn until dusk and is free of charge. Visitors may enjoy picnic facilities, fishing and birding sites, a children's play garden and more than two miles of nature trails with panoramic Hudson River vistas and Champlain Canal overlooks. A floating dock welcomes through-boaters to stay for up to 48 hours and a kayak launch on the Riverwalk Sensory Trail provides access to the Hudson River and Champlain Canal. A nonprofit organization, Hudson Crossing Park relies on donations to maintain the facilities and offer free community programming. If you’ve enjoyed the park and would like to support our mission, we are grateful for any and all donations, which can be made HERE.


The Play Garden

The Trails

The Hudson


The Dix Bridge

The Canal

Eagle Point Overlook


Art in the Park

The Picnic Pavilion

The Story of

Hudson Crossing Park

Thank you for creating and preserving such a delightful space.

"We were traveling north on the Hudson River (from Bridgeport, CT, to Lake Champlain) on our boat, and ended up staying two nights on your dock. We have two young boys, ages 2 and 5, who were thrilled to have a whimsical, delightful Play Garden right at the end of the dock! We loved the design of the Play Garden, how it fits with nature, instead of conquering it. All four of us had the most fun discovering all of the components of the garden, and walking the labyrinth. We walked all the trails of the island, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery...It really was a highlight of our trip. We would certainly recommend the park to anyone traveling in the area! Thank you for creating and preserving such a delightful space." 

— Courtney, Wes, Sam, and James

Hudson Crossing Park literally "bridges" culture, recreation, and R&R!

“I love everything about Hudson Crossing Park. It's beauty attracted me to walk and bike but I discovered other aspects of the place. Great history and education resources. Love seeing kids in the nature classes, boaters, snowmobilers (depending on season), and people fishing. Hudson Crossing Park literally "bridges" culture, recreation, and R&R!”

— D.L.